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Builders in Twickenham | DIY Foundations and Why You Should Avoid Them

The standard DIY books for the home will explain how to carry out certain tasks that everyone should, at least, have an idea about. And online tutorials are a must for outlining how to manage particular jobs in detail. But there are certain areas our domestic builders at Imperial Developments London Ltd suggest you don’t tackle yourself at any time. Laying foundations is one of them. It’s not as easy as it looks because more factors are involved than mixing concrete and pouring it into a frame. As a reputable construction company in Twickenham, we’re highly skilled at what we do and never cut corners regarding such an important part of the construction process. 

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DIY Foundations – Our Domestic Builders Discuss

Badly laid foundations will become evident very quickly. Here are a few points to look out for if you do decide to go ahead:


If the groundworks carried out beneath the areas haven’t been prepared properly, the concrete will begin to sink into the soil as soon as it’s laid. Our builders examine the existing soil before carrying out excavations to ensure the earth is completely compacted with enough strength to withstand the weight of the foundations when poured.


Various signs around your property will tell you something is wrong. Never ignore a crack in the wall; you don’t know if it’s serious unless you investigate. Sometimes, the issue is just a break in the plaster or timbers, which can be fixed easily. Other times, however, you’re looking at subsidence and unstable foundations, which should be dealt with quickly by an experienced building company.

Be Level-Headed

Medieval structures, for example, have that quirky aspect of looking crooked and out of shape. With modern technology and engineering at its most advanced, structures are now built professionally to an exceptionally high standard. Measure, measure and measure again. Ensure your foundations are level and the ground beneath is prepared for the weight.

Imperial Developments – The Building Company You Can Trust

If you still think you want to take on the job of laying foundations yourself, plan ahead and do your research. Imperial Developments London Ltd’s team of domestic builders are always on hand to offer advice and share their expertise with current and potential clients. We serve Twickenham and the surrounding areas as a leading name in construction, structural alterations, renovations, conversions, and extensions.

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