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Garden Rooms in Twickenham | Open-Plan Layouts for New Outdoor Buildings

Many of us still think of concealed spaces and multiple rooms when it comes to house extensions, renovations, conversions, and new structural alterations. This doesn’t have to be the case; open-plan living offers many benefits and opportunities, and can be successfully incorporated into houses and garden rooms throughout Twickenham and the surrounding areas covered by our domestic builders at Imperial Developments London Ltd.

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The Benefits of Spacious Garden Studios

Open-plan living is on the rise, and here’s the reasons why:

Less Maintenance

More space to manoeuvre a mop or vacuum cleaner means less time going from room to room, moving buckets or plugging in appliances. Cleaning time is cut dramatically with furniture spread out across a wider open area.

Clearer Perception

Thanks to fewer interior walls blocking out natural light, the interior of Imperial Developments London Ltd’s garden studios can enjoy illumination benefits from many sides. For open-plan garden rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows are a must!

No More Cramped Space

Forgoing internal walls provides the space for more interior design options with a consistent theme running through. From garden offices to family entertainment areas, home bars to yoga retreats, a decorative flow in your garden room will highlight your designer tastes. 

Bringing the Inside Out

Open floor plan garden buildings with bi-fold doors offer the chance to experience the freshness of the outdoors without discomfort, as you can still enjoy the ambient temperatures in Twickenham even if it’s pouring rain outside. 

Energy Efficient

With so much natural light, your heating bills will be reduced thanks to an open floor interior. Fewer walls also mean air can flow freely, heating or cooling the space more efficiently without getting blocked by partition walls.

Open-Plan Garden Offices

Even if several family members are working from home and you’re planning to have an outdoor space built to accommodate everyone during working hours, you still don’t have to block them away in cubicle-sized rooms. Work zones within the garden rooms designed and constructed by Imperial Developments London Ltd can be separated by open bookshelves, or you can create a dedicated workspace where everyone sits together. By installing matching office furniture and maintaining a standard décor throughout, this new interior will still give the impression of spaciousness and comfort.

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