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Property Extension in Twickenham | Preparing for Construction at Your Home

Whether you’re knocking down an older addition to your Twickenham property in order to create a modern extension or building one from scratch, our team of domestic builders at Imperial Developments London Ltd can take the weight off your shoulders, ensuring the entire project goes as smoothly as possible. Having any construction work done in your home can be stressful as you have to expect the unexpected and prepare to be inconvenienced for a while, but we assure you it’ll be worth it.

We specialise in garden room construction, property renovations, conversions and more. You’ll find plenty of inspiration on our website gallery, and we’re only a phone call away if you’re looking for advice or to make an appointment.

From Side-Return to Wraparound Extensions – Be Prepared!

The Imperial Developments London Ltd team has compiled a list of things to consider before your new project begins.

Should You Move?

Is the construction process going to hinder your life in any way? Do you work from home? Or are you taking care of young children and pets? Relocating temporarily might be wise if you think the construction will cause inconvenience in the short term. We’ll provide you with complete timeframe details so you can plan a move if needs be.

A Temporary Fix

You could change your interior to suit the upheaval for a while. For example, if we knock down walls in or near your kitchen, the room will be out of bounds. Why not move as many necessary items from the kitchen to the living room or a spare bedroom? At least you’ll be able to access the kettle.

Deep Breaths

Seeing part of your property reduced to rubble by our domestic builders can be overwhelming. Perhaps you can’t wait to knock that old extension down and rebuild! We guarantee to make the creation of our side-return extensions and rear-facing extensions run as smoothly as possible.

Mood Boards

During the construction process, there may be times when you wonder why you started redesigning your home. We suggest keeping a mood board nearby so everyone can clearly see just how stunning, practical and comfortable the new property extension will be, and how it will benefit the entire family.

For further information about the range of services we provide to our Twickenham, please contact us. Imperial Developments London Ltd specialises in the following property extensions:

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