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Property Renovations in Twickenham | Three Things to Consider Before You Install Eco-Friendly Timber Flooring

As a professional construction company, our domestic builders at Imperial Developments London Ltd carry out property renovations and building services for our growing number of clients in Twickenham and the surrounding areas. These include house renovations, conversions, extensions, structural alterations, and more. As we work from the bottom up, it’s natural for us to discuss flooring within properties. And, with climate change and the environment a major part of modern-day living, many homeowners are opting for eco-friendly options underfoot. 

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Points to Consider During Home Customisations

Doing your bit for the environment is a positive step. Specialists in structural alterations, our team at Imperial Developments London Ltd is also conscious of supporting a cleaner footprint by recycling as much builders’ waste as possible. 

With the environment and eco-friendly procedures in mind, keep the following points in mind when buying flooring for your property renovations and home customisation projects:

FSC Certification

Go for timber cut from sustainable forests and produced in an environmentally friendly way. With the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo, you’re guaranteed the wood for your flooring has been made by exacting standards.

Is It, or Can It Be Recycled?

Reclaimed flooring can add character to your property, especially if it’s an older building. You’re stepping on a little piece of history as you walk across it. And, at the end of its life, recycling gives the timber another purpose if you plan further property renovations.

Eco-friendly Installation

Using adhesives to secure any wooden flooring will seriously dent your carbon footprint. Choose tongue and groove boards where possible so the timber can be laid without glue. This also makes it easier to replace damaged floorboards at a later date.

Flooring Options

Although it’s not wood, bamboo is a major player in sustainability. It’s actually a grass and used for various eco-friendly household options from flooring to bedding. Despite the belief that it might be a delicate substance due to its description, bamboo is extremely durable, with a higher tensile strength than most steel alloys.

Other alternative materials available on the market include cork, linoleum, reclaimed bricks and timbers, and eco-friendly carpets.

Why You Should Choose Us for House Renovations

As members of the Federation of Master Builders, our team at Imperial Developments London Ltd are guaranteed to complete property renovations which will exceed even the highest of expectations. We work with superior products and materials, resulting in a high-end finish that will not only work exceptionally well for your Twickenham household but also add substantial market value to your home.

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